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The iPhone 13 offers more processing speed, more battery life, improved response and more intuitive iOS to allow you for prompt, effective communication, task management and entertainment.

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Avon Location
8401 E US Highway 36
Avon, IN
P: 317-272-7467

iShop Repair

8401 E US Highway 36
Avon, IN

Customers Love Us

Piper YoungPiper Young
19:00 03 Oct 22
Dropped and shattered the screen on a 13 max pro used for work. This was the only place I could find anywhere that had the part in stock and could do it same day! They were very friendly, professional, and it was done in under 30 minutes! Would definitely recommend!
17:42 14 Jul 22
This is the only place I recommend to friends, family, and followers for phone or tablet repairs.One of my favorite things about this store is the $20 screen protection plan for your phone. Just $20 and that's a lifetime warranty replacement. They have maintained my screen protector on all my families phones now thru 3 phones and about 5 yrs. It's the best deal around and I sure hope they never change it. That's true customer service that you can't find anymore! This place deserves a perfect 5/5 star review! Always a pleasure to bring my business here!
Michael TharpMichael Tharp
14:38 08 May 22
Even though my I pad wasn’t reparable. They actually listened to me unlike the Geek Squad at Best Buy. Will be back again when I need something fixed.
Jackie VotapekJackie Votapek
15:23 15 Apr 22
My visit started out a bit scary as I brought my phone in for a battery replacement and the technician couldn’t get the phone to turn back on afterward. A bad position for ishop and me. End result was Brittney and Zachary offered a loaner/sale of a used phone at a fair price. It’s my second used phone from ishop and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Nice work and nice local business.
Muhamed GhanimMuhamed Ghanim
04:13 28 Dec 21
talented techniciansquick servicedefinitely recommended
William RichadsonWilliam Richadson
19:29 18 Dec 21
First time going, great service, very friendly and helpful staff. I love the set up of their shop everything is so easy to find and the wait isn't even that bad
Karynn LorenziniKarynn Lorenzini
17:07 29 Aug 21
We are so pleased with our service and will be bringing all our apple products here for service in the future. We brought three phones in, 2 for a new battery and 1 had water in the camera. All three were ready for pick up in under an hour! Friendly, helpful, and speedy service at very reasonable prices. We are very happy customers!
Laura EssexLaura Essex
23:47 23 Jul 21
After three frustrating faulty iPad screen replacements, iShop in Avon left me WORSE OFF than when I first tried them. Their final offer to make it right? A disassembled iPad and a refund. To say I am extremely unhappy with the repair service, the quality of materials being used, and the customer service is an understatement.The Ishop replaced the screen on my iPad Pro in Dec 2019. The screen later developed “dead zones” approximately 13 months later, where it was not responsive to touch down the left hand side of the screen. I contacted the Ishop and Dustin (the tech working at the time) replaced it under warranty in less than two hours. Two weeks after this warranty replacement the home button became very wiggly and protruded above the surface of the iPad, and there was light leaking out from the screen’s borders. I returned to the Ishop, again, for another warranty replacement. At pickup, I immediately noticed that new screen #3 had a shadowy haze all along the bottom edge (the home button side of the screen). I pointed it out to Dustin, the tech, and he said all their screens of this model are doing that. I said it wasn’t like that before, and he said that was his last one. He then offered to remove the screen and give me a refund. This would have left me WORSE OFF than when I came in here - an entirely unusable iPad. I am extremely unhappy with the repair service, the quality of materials being used, and the customer service here. They have been responsive and quick to offer warranty repair, but being in here three separate times and still not having a good screen is extremely frustrating.
Alexandra BeckAlexandra Beck
21:51 04 May 21
10/10 would recommend. I walked in during a lucky customer lull with no wait time. They fixed my rear facing camera on my iPhone XR in literally under 10 minutes upon walk-in! Lifetime warranty on the new rear camera too! Very expedient, nice, and professional.